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New home or simply changing lenders, there are many reasons why you might appoint a conveyancer or solicitor. A conveyancer/solicitor will need to be instructed to act on the purchase, sale or remortgage of a property.

This is a slow and expensive process to protect the purchaser and the lenders security. With years of experience we have managed to find the best value conveyancers & solicitors, and then fit them into one quote wizard.

In law conveyancing is the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another. This is a requirement from lenders when setting up a mortgage that the conveyancer is on the lenders panel of approved conveyancers and works on behalf on the client.


Whoever you choose, most will look for price, some will be recommended by an estate agent and others will ask their mortgage broker. Whoever this is they will all follow the same basic principles but some will be a safer bet than others.

When searching for your conveyancer it is essential that the right questions are asked, below is what we would consider when appointing a solicitor

  • no sale no fee (if purchase does not go ahead you are not charged for the solicitor)
  • what is the total cost of fees including stamp duty and vat (is this fixed or estimated)
  • who will be my point of contact (make sure you get on with these)
  • what frequency can I get updates

The Conveyancing Process

Receipt of draft contracts - drawn up by the seller's conveyancer details the condition of sale; this will typically be altered over the next few weeks.

Preliminary enquiry - buyer's solicitor sends a set of standard pre-contract enquiries to the seller's solicitor, checks the draft contract for specific queries such as possible boundary disputes, restrictive covenants and rights of way.

Property information - the seller receives a property information form. Checks this is what you thought you were buying (includes fixtures and fittings).

Land charge and registry searches - The title deed, along with the Land Registry certificate's obtained and confirmation is made that the seller isn't bankrupt and owns the property.

Local searches - A check is made of any new developments planned within a small area around your property. A new planning project could decrease the value of your potential new home (and the banks security)

Draft contracts approved - once this is received it is to be sent to both sides for signature

Formal mortgage offer - this is when the mortgage offer will be required.

Set completion date - with the help of the solicitors and estate agents a convenient completion date for everyone in the chain is agreed. This will usually be your moving in day

Exchange - Both parties sign the contract and copies are exchanged. You typically pay your deposit to your conveyancer at this point. You are liable to buy and, if you pull out after this you will be liable to compensate the other party.

Completion - At last, on the agreed date (usually two weeks after the exchange date), funds are sent from the mortgage company to your solicitor and transfer of ownership takes place, you get the keys and move in.

Compare conveyancing now

At Bright Money Independent we have access to over 100 solicitors who compete on performance and price:

  • no sale no fee
  • real time customer service reviews from clients
  • over 100 solicitors quoting
  • fixed costs
  • 24/7 online updates
You can choose how Bright Money Independent Ltd are paid for mortgages; typically we do not charge however, you can pay a fee, usually 1% of the loan amount,
in cases that more work is required we may agree a fee upfront before any work is undertaken.
For Equity Release we are typically paid by the lender, however we offer a fee only service which is 1.5% of the loan amount.
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