Expat Buy To Let rates coming down

Expat buy to let mortgages available with no arrangement fee…

Rates from 3.99% up to 75% LTV both interest only and repayment options.
minimum loan 100k, maximum 1.5m

(usual terms and conditions apply)

5 yr Discounted rate up to 75% LTV
3.99% (SVR – 1.00%),no arrangement fee,  ERCs 3% until end of discount term

3-Year Fixed Rate up to 75% LTV
4.99% Fixed, Lender Completion Fee Free , ERCs 3% until 30.09.17

5-Year Fixed Rate Up to 75% LTV
5.49% Fixed, Lender Completion Fee Free, ERCs 5% until 30.09.19

KEY:    LTV, Loan To Value | SRV, Standard Variable Rate | ERCs, Early Repayment Charges
– Rental calculated at 125% of 6%, unless 5 year fixed is chosen, in which case it is pay rate.
– Interest only or Repayment
– Min Loan amount £100k, Max £1.5m
– LTVs – Max 75% @ £450k, 70% @ £750k, 60% @ £1m and 50% @ £1.5m
– £40k+ income needed and should be from an international company (not self employed)
– £299 application fee upfront

Also good deals for first time landlords looking to get a UK property but living abroad. Some lenders will allow a residential rate provided there is an intention of returning to your job in the UK within the next 2 years. They will also grant consent to let.

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