57% of the UK population do not have wills

Bright Money Independent Ltd are committed to ensuring that all customers are prepared when the unexpected happens. With shocking research emerging revealing, 57% of the UK population do not hold a Will, more than ever, you should be aware of the benefits of creating a Will.

New provisions in the Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Act 2014 implemented on Wednesday 1st October 2014 states:

  • When the Intestate is married or in a civil partnership and does not have children, all assets will now pass to the surviving spouse
  • Where the Intestate leaves behind a spouse and children, the spouse now receives a statutory legacy of £250,000 plus half of the estate.

Any children of the deceased will receive the other half of the remaining estate at the age of 18 Sourced from Opinuim Research: Aug 2014

Wills can be arranged for as little as £79.99 underwritten by professional qualified solicitors and kept in safe storage. Feel free to call and request your personalised quote today

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