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Mortgage advice for foreign nationals

Bright Money Independent is one of the leading advisers in arranging foreign national mortgages deals within UK. Our expert team of advisers makes sure that your transaction is as hassle free and smooth as possible. Any hitches may end up in the vendor withdrawing from the sale and costing the client money on solicitors, valuation and application fees that are non-refundable.

Apart from UK residents, we offer our services to secure best mortgages for foreign nationals. Either you need a mortgage property to live or to let-in, we understands your requirement propose a tailored mortgage for your situation. Our advisers manage every step and keep you updated on them; they also deal with the estate agents and conveyancers.

Every lender follows their own criteria, with a different approach to the clients they want to attract. Looking at the complexity of the market and costs involved it is beneficial to seek advice from an independent mortgage adviser who knows the market. Independent mortgage advisers use their expertise to find best deal for your requirements and give an unbiased opinion.


EU National

EU residents can legally work and live in UK. The credit history of EU residence may not be totally traceable to get a mortgage, but very possible for EU nationals. The larger the deposit the more inclined a lender will be.

However EU nationals shall be required to meet following criteria

  • EU resident for at least last two years
  • UK bank account number
  • Proof of permanent job in UK with pay on a regular basis in to the UK account

In addition to the above, arranging other standard documents shall not be an issue for EU residence.

NON EU Nationals

Non EU nationals seeking mortgage in UK will not have any traceable credit history. Non EU nationals therefore have to meet following criteria to proceed for mortgage.

  • Applicant must be living in UK for at least two years
  • UK Bank Account Number
  • Proof of permanent job in UK
  • Proof of right to live and work in UK (VISA)

Type of Visa and term of the VISA is also important

You will need a valid work permit before looking at purchasing a property using a mortgage. You may have an issue with obtaining a mortgage if you have diplomatic immunity


Self-Certification Mortgages are no longer available. Their design was to help those who did not fit into the main stream income categories of the banks and ease the process of getting a mortgage quickly. Due to the miss-use of they are no longer offered.

Lenders do however take many different types of provable income, they look at contract workers and have widened their views on acceptable income to assist many that self-certification mortgages had been initially designed for.

You can choose how Bright Money Independent Ltd are paid for mortgages; typically we do not charge however, you can pay a fee, usually 1% of the loan amount,
in cases that more work is required we may agree a fee upfront before any work is undertaken.
For Equity Release we are typically paid by the lender, however we offer a fee only service which is 1.5% of the loan amount.
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